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Your feedback is very valuable.  It helps to guide site content as well as decisions about products, services and advertising campaigns developed by Fortune 1000 companies for some of the most respected brands in the world. These companies choose to partner with us because they demand high-quality research from a reputable and ethical source.

As members of organizations which promote safe online practices like Better Business Bureau Online and Geo Trust, we comply with the industry’s strictest regulations regarding interaction with online consumers.  We are also a member of the Advertising Research Foundation, the American Marketing Association, the Market Research Association, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the Online Publishers Association, the Council of American Survey Research Organizations and the Mobile Marketing Association.

The following FAQ will provide you with comprehensive answers to questions such as why we're seeking your opinion, and how this information will be used to improve the online experience.

Why did I receive this survey invitation?
How do I decline the invitation?
Are these invitations an invasion of my privacy?
How do the invitations work?  Do they compromise my computer?
Will deleting or emptying my cookies eliminate survey invitations?
What if I no longer wish to receive survey invitations in the future?
I think that the survey invitation has adversely affected my computer in some way.


1.  Why did I receive this popup survey invitation?

You have been invited to participate in research that is important to the Web site you are viewing, and to its advertisers.  The survey you encountered is used by many well known companies to better understand how consumers feel about current or future products, services, and/or advertising campaigns. These companies either own Web sites like the one you visited, or they buy advertising space on such Web sites (MSN, AOL, etc.). Advertisers play an important role in the online ecosystem. Their sponsorship of Web sites, like the one you visited, allows site visitors to view content at no cost.

Site visitors receive invitations to participate in this research at random. As per the user agreement provided by the site you visited, invitations may be offered to anyone who visits the site where a survey campaign is currently active. Each specific Web site controls and approves the distribution of survey invitations based on their business needs and site guidelines.

2.  How do I decline the invitation?

Each invitation is presented in a new browser/window. It will never close your original browser or navigate you away from the Web site you intended to visit. Responding “no” on the invitation or closing the invitation widow will quickly and easily “opt you out” from further research from that advertiser.

3.  Are these invitations an invasion of my privacy?

Opinion Central believes in and respects the privacy and the sanctity of personal information available online.  Survey responses and cookie placement are completely anonymous.  We do not collect, sell or rent any personally identifiable information.  Doing so would erode the trust we have established with millions of survey participants and the companies that rely on us to collect information in a careful, secure and legitimate manner.

4.  How do the invitations work?  Do they compromise my computer?

Online survey technology utilizes your browser's "cookie" feature.  Cookies are small, safe text files placed on a user’s computer by a Web site or by a trusted third party, like us, that has partnered with the site.  Cookies are used to improve or customize your online experience, and to enhance the site’s service.

Cookies are not "spyware." They do not slow down computers, nor do they use any significant amount of system resources. The vast majority of Web site(s) have user agreements, Terms & Conditions and/or privacy policies that notify visitors of cookie placement. Use of the Web constitutes an acceptance of the agreement and therefore authorizes the placement of cookies onto a computer.
Before an invitation is responded to or closed, a "cookie" is created (or an existing cookie is updated). This cookie stores information related to your visit to the site and notes that an invitation has been offered. As long as that cookie exists, no other invitation for that specific survey will be offered to you. However, multiple surveys can run on a site at any given time, so an invitation to a completely different survey from another company may be offered. Sites’ survey recruitment processes will follow the same rules, to ensure that you only receive a single invitation to any one survey. To further reduce the number of invitations issued, individuals who receive an invitation on a Web site will not receive another for that survey even after they have left that site.

Having our cookie on your computer is not a security risk.  As mentioned above, it contains no personal information whatsoever.   Our cookie is only there so that the survey technology can manage the number of invitations offered, and ensure that you do not receive the same invitation twice. 

5.  I’m still troubled by cookies.  Will deleting or emptying them eliminate the appearance of survey invitations?

If your cookies have been turned off, limited to certain sites, emptied or deleted, you may actually see more invitations.  Why?  Because there is no longer a cookie present to indicate that an invitation has been previously offered to you.

Use of third party security or privacy software may interfere with the proper creation and/or updating of cookies in your system. Thus, a survey invitation may be presented more than once if the security or privacy software prevents our technology from ascertaining whether or not an invitation has already been offered to you.

6.  What if I no longer wish to receive survey invitations in the future?

The opportunity to participate in these surveys is always voluntary, without any cost or obligation.  Throughout the survey process the consumer is given the option to terminate their involvement at any point.  Since an invitation to participate in a survey is sent randomly to individuals visiting a site, there is no list from which a visitor or software user can be removed. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to control invitations which are not affiliated by Opinion Central, as they are separate entities with their own regulations.

When you see an invitation, a cookie is set to make sure that you are not invited again to the same survey. If you have questions about cookies and the management of cookies in your browser please use the following links:

In order to immediately stop receiving all future survey invitations from InsightExpress, simply click the following button.


NOTE: As a reminder, if you remove cookies from your computer, please be aware that you could receive another invitation since our technology will have no way of knowing if an invitation has been offered already.

7.  I think that the survey invitation has adversely affected my computer in some way.  What happened?

We recommend the use of the most recent browsers; for example Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, or Firefox 1.0 or higher. If an older browser technology is used we cannot guarantee the same user experience.